G7 Countries and their links to the Penzance area

G7 Countries Links to West Cornwall


Penzance has a higher percentage of non-UK visitors than any other town in the UK. World Famous Pasties & Cream Tea (JOFCOL)

Scilly Wrecks connections to the ROTW, for instance shipwrecks of SS Schiller (German liner) & Thomas Lawson (7 masted sail ship)

Mining is a massively strong connection to Australia, Canada & USA

Actors: Thandie Newton, Jean Shrimpton, the Bronte sisters and Poldark


Nearly 400 years ago, a ship carrying around 100 colonists left the shores of England for the new world. The voyage of the pilgrims aboard the Mayflower has gone down in history as a pivotal moment for America and has become part of the country’s creation myth. The traditional history is that the ship left Plymouth in Devon in September of 1620, arriving after a dangerous voyage across the Atlantic at Plymouth in Massachusetts. But now, it is believed by people in Newlyn, in west Cornwall, that their port was the last stop in the old world for the Mayflower.

Lots of relatives in USA due to exodus for mining around 1900

Penzance & St Just are twinned with Nevada City, California; Marconi & Porthcurno.

Rick Rescorla, hero of the Twin Towers.

Pirates of Penzance, Gilbert & Sullivan on Broadway

Cousinjack.org is the Cornish American Heritage Society they seem to love us.


Woodstock Guest House took its name from the festival in America


” Wherever there’s a hole in the ground you’ll find a Cornishman” etc

Not sure what you are after but for Australia check out Moonta, Kadina and Wallaroo, South Australia. This area is known as ‘Little Cornwall’ as it was settled by Cornish Miners. Their Kernewk Lowender festival is biggest Cornish festival outside of Cornwall.




George Marsden Waterhouse, (born April 6, 1824, Penzance, Cornwall, England—died August 6, 1906, Torquay, Devon), businessman, politician, prime minister of South Australia (1861–63) and prime minister of New Zealand (1872–73), the only man ever to be premier of two British colonies.

Sir Robert Gordon Menzies, was an Australian politician who twice served as Prime Minister of Australia, in office from 1939 to 1941 and again from 1949 to 1966. He played a central role in the creation of the Liberal Party of Australia, defining its policies and its broad outreach. Grandparents lived in Penzance


Strong mining connection

Penzance is a municipality of Saskatchewan

The surname Chynoweth originated in Cornwall, it means ‘new house’ in Cornish – chy nowydh, there is also a village with the same name. Elizabeth Chynoweth and the Chynoweth family are characters in the popular novel and television series, Poldark written by Winston Graham. Famous Canadians with the surname are Ed Chynoweth who was the president of the Western Hockey League and the Canadian Hockey League and his sons Dean Chynoweth, a National Hockey League player and Jeff Chynoweth the General Manager of the team Calgary Hitmen.

Yeo is another surname which originates from the South West of England, mainly from Devon and Somerset, where the word means ‘river’. James Yeo Senior 1789-1868 was a Cornish shipbuilder from the village of Kilkhampton, Cornwall, he emigrated to Canada where he became a politician. His sons James and John Yeo were also politicians representing Prince County.

Claude Ernest Dolman (1906-1994) was a famous scientist who was born in the quaint fishing village of Porthleven, Cornwall and emigrated to Canada in the 1930s. He held posts at the University of Toronto and the University of British Columbia, he was made a Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada in 1947.

Another surname associated with Cornwall is Pascoe, James Pascoe (1863-1931) a farmer and politician in Saskatchewan was born in Cornwall and emigrated to Canada with his parents in the 1870s, his son James Ernest Pascoe was an MP for Moose Jaw.


Twinned with Cuxhaven, Germany  & a strong German community in Penzance

20% of overnight staying guests in Penzance are from Germany

Rosamunde Pilcher filmed in Penzance area and continues to draw in large volumes of fans visiting the locations. Rosamunde Pilcher was born in 1924 in Lelant in West Cornwall and later attended school in Penzance. She married in 1946 and went to live in Scotland where she started to write setting her books within her deep observation of her two loves of Cornwall and Scotland. Her first big breakthrough came when her book “The Shell Seekers” topped the New York Times bestseller list for forty-eight weeks.


Penzance twinned with Concarneau, Brittany, France.

St Michaels Mount is a smaller and more original twin of Mont St Michel

The connections between the two regions go back thousands of years. Before roads, the sea was the highway, and you could get to Brittany in a day under sail.

Waves of migrants from Cornwall and parts of modern day Devon came to Brittany in the early Middle Ages, hence the Breton language and similar place names.

Those connections have never gone away, with fishing especially keeping the links going. Cornish fishermen were often stuck in Breton ports when weather was bad, and Breton fishermen often stayed in Cornish ports. And still do. The Lorient Inter-Celtic festival is held each year in Brittany with a good Cornish presence. Plenty of Breton festivals have a Cornish contingent lurking. In Cornwall we have the Lowender Peran festival which plenty of Breton musicians attend. There’s also AberFest celebrating Breton-Cornish connections, held annually, alternating between Falmouth (Aberfal) one year and Brandivy in Brittany the next.

Countless town and village festivals (eg Golowan in Penzance) have Breton presence in their professions and other concerts. There are often school exchanges with Breton schools in the summer months as in Penzance.

The Breton links are alive and well, but I don’t think there’s anything formal besides the twinning associations. Doubtless mayors shake hands at some time in the year!

Sir Humphry Davy travelled to France to collect the second edition of the prix du Galvansime a medal that Napoleon Bonaparte had awarded Davy for his electro-chemical work

South Korea

Seoul Olympics in 1988 received by Goonhilly Earth Station using Ghy 3. I remember this as I was there in the Operations Control Centre watching everything live and un-edited

UK film “About Time”(romatic comedy) partly set in Cornwall was commercially v. successful in S Korea – earnt $23 million about 25% of the films total earnings – we had visitors seeking out film locations (Gorran Haven )


Leach pottery  has special links to japan


NEC refurbished Ghy 3 in 1992 & built Ghy 23 in 1997


In 1872, the Eastern Telegraph Company (ETC) Limited was formed which took over the operation of the cables and built a cable office in Porthcurno valley. The concrete cable hut, where the cable shore ends were connected to their respective landlines, is a listed building and still stands at the top of the beach. ETC and its cable operations expanded through the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, in 1928 to merge with Marconi’s Wireless Telegraph Company Limited

Transatlantic transmissions – At the turn of the 20th century, Marconi began investigating a means to signal across the Atlantic to compete with the transatlantic telegraph cables. Marconi established a wireless transmitting station at Marconi House, Rosslare Strand, Co. Wexford in 1901 to act as a link between Poldhu in Cornwall, England and Clifden in Co. Galway, Ireland. He soon made the announcement that the message was received at Signal Hill in St John’sNewfoundland

The IoS route uses Leonardo Helicopter (Italy), the PZE-Scilly route is the longest (distance) passenger helicopter service in the world.


In 1870, part of an early international link stretching all the way from the UK to India which was one of the longest routes in the world


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