Penzance Park and Ride

Penzance Park & Ride: Long-Stay Car Parks and Services for the Scillonian

Whether you are heading to the Scillonian or need somewhere to leave the car whilst you holiday in Penzance, take advantage of this list of Penzance Park & Ride services and long-stay car parks.

After a long drive, it can be awfully tempting to squeeze the car into the first vacant spot to catch your eye and then get on with your holiday – especially if you have a boat to catch. But it may be wise to think on this carefully or, even better, to plan ahead; as a seaside town, Penzance is geared more towards tranquil sea views than an ocean of cars.

Limited street-side parking is intended for residents and local businesses, while awkward parking along narrow roads may slow down traffic – harmful to Penzance’s environmental aims – and may be susceptible to damage from passing vehicles.

Cornwall Council and Penzance have worked hard to make Penzance car parks the cheapest in Cornwall, while private companies help to offer additional security and support a wider range of needs.

If you want to avoid parking altogether, frequent train services are also available; Penzance Train Station is right next to the town centre and only a 10-minute walk from the Ferry Terminal. Taxi companies are always on hand if you have too much luggage to carry, whether from the station or your car park of choice.

Park & Ride in Penzance

Please note: It is recommended that you arrive at your chosen Penzance Park & Ride site at least 90 minutes before your scheduled departure. The accommodation of passengers and luggage varies by company, as specified below; for any passengers and baggage not included in the price, it is recommended to drop them off at the Ferry Terminal before arriving at the parking facility. If that is not possible for any reason, contact the company and they will try and help you with your specific requirements.

Prices will differ in accordance with demand and the duration of your holiday (the longer the holiday, the cheaper the daily cost).


Isles of Scilly Parking – TR18 3FA

Ferry Terminal: 1.4 Miles (5-minute shuttle bus)

From £6.00 per day: Includes transport for the driver, a single passenger and their luggage


Scillonian Park & Ride – TR20 8TJ

Ferry Terminal: 1.7 Miles (6-minute shuttle bus)

From £6.25 per day: Includes transport for the driver


Scilly Parking – TR20 8AW

Ferry Terminal: 4.2 Miles (10-minute shuttle bus)

From £4.29 per day: Includes transport for the driver

From £6.27 per day: Includes full transport for the driver, passengers and their luggage


Long Stay Car Parks in Penzance (Private)

Isles of Scilly Premier Parking  – TR18 4AY

Ferry Terminal: 0.2 Miles ~ Town Centre: 0.4 Miles

From £7.50 per day: Once you are in the temporary parking area, the vehicle’s key will need to be left with the company so that the valet can move it to their secure indoor parking facility. The vehicle will be outside and ready to go upon your return.


Long Stay Car Parks in Penzance (Cornwall Council)

Please note: The following car parks do not provide security coverage. Prices listed are for the peak season (1st April – 31st October). Availability and prices may differ during the off-peak season (1st November – 31st March).

Weekly rates are purchased via the JustPark app or over the phone at 01872 302947. Because of this system, additional hours, days or weeks can be added to your reservation even when you are not with your car.  Both the app and phone system will ask for location identification codes; these are provided below and will also be signposted at the pay and display.


Harbour Wharfside Car Park – TR18 2GB

Ferry Terminal: 0.5 Miles ~ Town Centre: 0.3 Miles

24 Hours: £8.50 ~ Weekly: £42.00

Penzance Park and Ride

Location Code: 8395


St Anthony’s Car Park – TR18 4AJ

Ferry Terminal: 0.2 Miles ~ Town Centre: 0.4 Miles

24 Hours: £6.00 ~ Weekly: £39.20

Location Code: 8403


St Erbyn’s Car Park – TR18 2RG

Ferry Terminal: 0.7 Miles ~ Town Centre: 0.3 Miles

24 Hours: £8.50 ~ Weekly: £39.20

Location Code: 8401


Wherrytown Car Park – TR18 4NP

Ferry Terminal: 1.1 Miles ~ Town Centre: 1.0 Miles

24 Hours: £8.50 ~ Weekly: £39.20

Location Code: 8404



Prices correct as of 10th March 2021. Check the available links for fully up-to-date information on Park & Ride and long-stay car parks in Penzance.